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The Revolution Starts in the Bowl.

This is the new beginning that signals the end of dog food as it was. For the past several years we've been perfecting our recipes by using cutting-edge nutritional research, constantly reviewing supply partners, and conducting quality assurance with our expert panel of dogs. In doing so we have created 11 world-class recipes that coincide with an all-new packaging design and mark the beginning of a pet food revolution.

It is our pledge to continue making food that is of the highest standards of nutritional excellence by using only the finest ingredients. We remain dedicated to our passion for perfecting recipes that dogs everywhere love. That is why Merrick acquired Castor & Pollux Natural Pet Works, a privately held natural organic pet food company, to further expand into the super-premium pet food category. This is how standards are made, not just for us, but for the entire pet food industry. Because we believe that pets should have it all.