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What are Merrick Dental Chews? What’s different about them?

Merrick Dental Chews are all-natural dental chews to clean your dog’s teeth and freshen breath, all in a tasty and easily digestible treat. Here’s what’s different about our new chews:

Innovative shapes and textures combat plaque and tartar and support fresh breath. (available in bones, as well as innovative shapes like Flossies and Texas Toothpicks)

Unlike most dental treats, our chews are all-natural, grain free and gluten free.

All-natural ingredients: No sorbic acid or sodium copper chlorophylin.

Merrick Dental Chews come in five varieties, including:

5 oz. bag; 8 pieces
Recommended for dogs 15+lbs

Texas Toothpicks
9 oz. bag; 8 pieces
Recommended for dogs 15+lbs

Mini Brush Bones
10 oz bag; 30 pieces
;Recommended for dogs 5-15lbs

L’il Brush Bones
10.7 oz. bag; 14 pieces
Recommended for dogs 15-25lbs

Big Brush Bones
11.7 oz. bag; 10 pieces
Recommended for dogs 25+lbs