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At Merrick, we’re happy to produce the best dog and cat food on the market, but you don’t have to take our word for it. We’re proud to share our accomplishments and accolades we’ve received:

INFOGRAPHIC: What Makes a Good Dog Treat?

Big thanks to our friends at Merrick Pet Care for always providing tasty, healthy treat options that meet all the criteria!

Merrick Launches Facebook Pet Food Contest


Merrick Pet Care Inc. a manufacturer of premium pet food in Amarillo, Texas, launched its Mealtime Mayhem Facebook contest, in which contestants have until Nov. 7 to post videos or photos of their Best Dogs Ever as they scarf down Merrick pet food at mealtimes or get all slobbery in anticipation of a Merrick meal to come.

Five Benefits of Using Treats for Training


We all want our dogs to do what we ask. Using treats can allow this to happen quickly and more frequently. The cool thing is that treats can be used to help build those good habits that we want our dogs to have all while keeping a relatively stress free environment.

Jerky Treats Made in the U.S. – That’s the Key from Merrick


Jerky treats form China are a potential problem – even the Food & Drugs Administration has expresed concern cautioning consumers. There is an undeniable association of illness in dogs and the consumption of jerky products from China.

Merrick Pet Care Partners with Tree House to Save Cats


Tree-House-Humane-Society and Merrick-Pet-Care, have announced an exclusive partnership to provide Chicago's homeless cats with quality nutrition while they’re awaiting their forever homes.

Up Close With Merrick Pet Care


Up Close With Merrick Pet Care at Global Pet Expo (video)

The Manufacturer, Blogger, Retailer Connection


For companies like Merrick Pet Care the chance to meet such a large, concentrated group of pet consumers is a great opportunity.

Merrick Pet Care launches dog food advertising campaign


Natural petfood manufacturer Merrick Pet Care has launched its “Best Dog Ever Deserves the Best Food Ever” advertising campaign with Austin, Texas-based agency McGarrah Jessee. The new campaign for the company’s all-natural Merrick brand dog food marks the most substantial marketing investment in its 25+ year history and comes at a time when the brand is experiencing double-digit growth in the expanding natural, premium petfood category, according to the company.