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At Merrick, we’re happy to produce the best dog and cat food on the market, but you don’t have to take our word for it. We’re proud to share our accomplishments and accolades we’ve received:

2 Chicago Shelters to Stock Merrick Pet Food


Cats and dogs housed at two Chicago shelters will fill their bellies on natural and organic food courtesy of Merrick Pet Care Inc.

The Amarillo, Texas, pet food maker will supply the PAWS Chicago shelter and the new PAWS Chicago North Shore facility, which is scheduled to open in mid-2014, with all the nutrition the homeless animals need.

Merrick Pet Care to provide petfood for pets at PAWS Chicago


Starting December 1, Merrick Pet Care will provide petfood for the dogs and cats at the PAWS Chicago and PAWS Chicago North Shore shelters. In addition to providing food for the pets at the shelters, Merrick will also provide each adopter with a supply of dry petfood to help the pet's transition to its new home.

Champagne Living


"There are a few brands that (Clem) tolerates…and LOVES. One of those happens to be Merrick"

Upstate Ramblings


"I am quite impressed."

"I am glad to see this locally grown addition to the pet food market, and Dodger loves it."

Tammy’s Two Cents Waggin’ Tails


"Before Merrick ships food to stores, they test for quality and then get the "kitchen crew" dogs to taste test every Variety. So their food is Dog Tasted, Dog Approved. Mac and Munch approve it too. That says a lot right there. So give it a try. With their satisfaction guarantee, you don't have anything to lose."

"When I opened the can of (Merrick) Smothered Comfort, I was amazed. It looked just like my chicken stew I make for the dogs. It had big chunks of chicken thigh, diced carrots, blueberries, and real broth gravy. It was all whole food ingredients, not ground up mush."

Leslie Loves Veggies


"Merrick brings pet food to an entirely new level with its new Classic and Grain Free brand entrees. The entrees are the start of a revolution in a dog bowl"


"I like the variety of flavors, especially in the grain free varieties. For example, you can buy food with chicken, duck, or even buffalo, and all three also contain sweet potato and peas. The first five ingredients in each of those three types are meat, meal, and vegetables."