Dogs Stage "Doggupy" Protest, Demand Better Food for the 99 Percent

The bark heard ’round the park: “Doggupiers” invite canines across America to join the Merrick real food revolution;man’s best friend deserves food that’s “worthy of a fork”

New York City (Oct. 2, 2012) – Dogs of all sizes, shapes, ages and breeds united today to “Doggupy” New York City’s Union Square Park, turning out for a demonstration to demand nutritious, real, whole food and call for an end to the inferior kibble that they’ve been fed for too long. Camped out in an army of pup tents, they woof-woofed as one, urging canines across America to join the Merrick Pet Care real food revolution – a commitment to only manufacture food that’s locally sourced, high in protein and made in the USA – and help provide “food worthy of a fork” to their fellow dogs in need.

In support of the Doggupy movement, Merrick is donating 250,000 bowls of high-quality Merrick dog food, a retail value of $100,000, to area animal rescue groups and shelters supported by the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals®.

“Today, the Doggupy protesters declared to their pet parents without a shadow of doubt: this is the food dogs have been begging for,” said Greg Shearson, CEO of Merrick Pet Care. “We are equally committed to ensuring that ALL dogs get the benefits of wholesome food, even those dogs that currently live in shelters.”

Pet parents are invited to help support the cause by submitting a photo of their pet and signing the Doggupy “pawtition” on Merrick’s Facebook page, or posting messages of solidarity, tagged with the #doggupy hashtag, on Twitter, Instagram and Merrick’s Facebook page. Pawtition participants will also be eligible to win a year’s supply of Merrick food for their own pooches.

“All dogs, like people, need good food to keep them happy and healthy. We’re pleased to partner with Merrick Pet Care – a company that believes dogs deserve real food manufactured in the U.S., using only local ingredients – to provide shelter dogs the nutritious food they need,” said Maggie O’Neill, director of development, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals.

Food Worthy of a Fork™

Merrick’s 11 new revolutionary recipes are made using only the freshest, locally grown ingredients. The company spent several years reinventing its formulas using the latest nutrition research, conducting an exhaustive review of farmers and suppliers, and developing quality assurance standards with its expert recipe tasters: the dogs on the kitchen crew.

Merrick’s recipes are built around five key promises:

  1. Local growers: Merrick uses only ingredients grown by American farmers and ranchers. This not only supports local communities, but also ensures freshness and food safety. With fewer distributors, handlers and warehouses, farm-grown ingredients get to Merrick’s kitchens faster.
  1. Nutritious real whole foods: Merrick uses food in its purest state with no artificial additives, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives. Real meat provides essential amino acids dogs need; omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (‘healthy fats”) provide energy; and vegetables, fruits and whole grains enhance dogs’ overall nutrition, absorption of nutrients and immune system function.
  1. Cooked in Merrick’s own kitchens: Putting cooking and quality control under one roof, Merrick cooks food in small batches in its kitchens in Hereford, Texas to ensure its foods exceed taste, health and presentation ratings, as well as that its recipes appeal to both human and pet palates.
  1. Balanced nutrition: Merrick Classic recipes feature a healthy balance of 60 percent meat/poultry/fish, 20 percent fruits and vegetables, and 20 percent whole grains. Its Grain Free recipes feature a balance of 70 percent meat/poultry/fish, 30 percent fruits and vegetables, and contain no wheat, rice or other grains, for dogs who have food allergies or sensitivities.
  1. Health you can see: Since the adage “you are what you eat” applies to both people and pets, Merrick uses industry-leading levels of protein and healthy fats to ensure dogs’ optimal weight and energy; fatty acids for healthy skin and coat; glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy bones and joints; and highly digestible meat proteins, peas, apples and blueberries for improved digestion.

“With every single recipe, it’s health you can see in your dog’s bowl, and more importantly, in your dog,” said Shearson.

Merrick pet food is available at Petco, independent pet specialty stores and at select online retailers via Visit the site to learn more about the Merrick Food Revolution and to obtain food recommendations and tips for integrating the new recipes into dogs’ diets.

About Merrick Pet Care Inc.

Founded in 1968, Amarillo-based Merrick Pet Care Inc. is a leader in the super-premium pet food category. With a mission to create the most nutritious and wholesome food it can to help families take better care of their pets, Merrick has a passion for cooking up nutritious, real whole foods for pets. All foods are made in the USA using only the freshest ingredients grown by local farmers. The company offers a wide variety of dry and wet foods that are available nationally at independent pet specialty stores, Petco and online at

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