Fresh Kisses Dog Treats

Cleans Teeth + Freshens Breath

Merrick Fresh Kisses are all-natural dental treats that deliver two big benefits at once: clean teeth and truly fresh breath. What’s the secret? The innovative double-brush design and all-natural ingredients. As dogs chew, Fresh Kisses work to remove plaque and freshen breath at the same time. So pucker up!


"Coconut Botanical Oils" Image of Coconut, Mint, Lemongrass, Rosemary and Green brush

Fresh Kisses Infused with Mint dental dog treat

Fresh Kisses dog treats, infused with real pumpkin and cinnamon

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Cleans Teeth and Freshens Breath with Every Bite

The innovative double-brush design and soft texture cleans plaque and tartar from their teeth as your dog chews.

Natural Ingredients

Infused with natural ingredients like peppermint flakes, real pumpkin, coconut oil and a combination of botanical oils (mint, lemongrass and rosemary oils).

13 or Fewer All-Natural Ingredients

Grain free, potato free and made with 13 or fewer all-natural ingredients for easy digestion. Fresh Kisses are also cooked in the USA using the world’s best ingredients.

A Treat for Dogs of All Sizes

Fresh Kisses come in four sizes, for dogs ranging from extra-small to large.

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Cleans Teeth

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Freshens Breath

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Grain Free

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Potato Free

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USA Cooked

Fresh Kisses dental dog treats, infused with mint, coconut, or pumpkin.

At Merrick, we promise your pet will not only love the taste of our food, they’ll be happier and healthier, too. That’s why if you (or your pet) are not 100%, absolutely, totally, completely satisfied with Merrick, return it for your money back. We don’t just make the best food ever. We stand behind it.