Limited Ingredient Diet Cat Food

Limited Ingredient Diet recipes are made with limited ingredients to provide a simple, yet nutritious wet cat food. Limited Ingredient Diet is best for adult cats. 

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Starts With Single Source Animal Protein

For adult cats that prefer simple meals, less is a whole lot more. That’s why our limited ingredient diet recipes start with deboned meat, fish or poultry protein as the #1 ingredient and contain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to provide adult cats with complete and balanced nutrition.  

Simply Optimal Nutrition

Our Limited Ingredient Diet Cat recipes contain limited ingredients to deliver all the nutrients needed to keep your cat healthy without anything extra. 

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High Quality Animal Protein

Our Limited Ingredient Diet recipes are ideal for adult cats to help ensure your cat gets the protein and nutrients they need. 

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Real Whole Nutrition

These recipes contain real whole nutrition and are made with limited ingredients to ensure your cat gets a complete and balanced meal.  

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No Grain, Corn, Wheat, Or Soy

Limited Ingredient Diet wet cat foods are made without grain, corn, wheat, or soy. 

What makes Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet the best food for your cat?

the number one
High levels of quality protein
Grain free icon
Grain Free
No corn, wheat or soy
No corn, wheat, or soy
With natural ingredients
With natural ingredients
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