Power Bites Dog Treats

So much flavor and protein.

Each bite is a chewy source of dog power.

Made with real deboned meat and real fruits and vegetables, Merrick Power Bites bring together big taste and industry-leading levels of powerful protein. That makes them the perfect treat for training and rewarding your dog. So have some handy when you want to say “Good girl,” or “Attaboy.”

Power Bites are best for all life stages.

cut steak on slate background

High Levels of Protein

Specially formulated to give your dog vital nutrients for strength and health.

#1 Ingredient: Real Deboned Meat

Followed by fresh, all-natural ingredients like healthy fruits and vegetables.

Grain Free, Gluten-Free, No Sorbic Acid

Delivering only what dogs need and removing what they don’t.

The Perfect Training Treat

Soft and chewy bite-sized pieces are ideal for teaching adult dogs new tricks.

dog sitting on grass with mouth open
first ingredient deboned meat

#1 Ingredient Deboned Meat
Leading Levels of Quality Protein

Grain free icon

Grain Free

fresh produce

Fresh Produce
Packed with vitamins & antioxidants

dog healthy skin and coat

Healthy Skin & Shiny Coat
Leading levels of omega-6
and omega-3

At Merrick, we promise your pet will not only love the taste of our food, they’ll be happier and healthier, too. That’s why if you (or your pet) are not 100%, absolutely, totally, completely satisfied with Merrick, return it for your money back. We don’t just make the best food ever. We stand behind it.