Use the information below on how to transition your pet to Merrick pet food.

  1. 25% Merrick, 75% Previous

    Days 1-2

  2. 50% Merrick, 50% Previous

    Days 3-4

  3. 75% Merrick, 25% Previous

    Days 5-6

  4. 100% Merrick

    Days 7+


Over the course of 5-7 days, mix the Merrick food with your pet’s current food, continuously increasing the amount of the Merrick while decreasing the amount of the current diet.


It's easy to rotate between each of our Merrick flavors without a transition period, unless your pet has certain protein sensitivities.

From Diet to Diet

Use our Food Calculator for tips on how much to feed your dog or cat. With our pet food calculator you can select your pet's age, activity level, weight and their favorite Merrick foods to decipher what is best for your pet.