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How to show affections to your pet in a language they will understand!


The most gratifying thing your dog can receive from you is love and quality food.

Dogs for centuries have been known to give unconditional love to humans so we want to provide you with ways in which you can show affection to your pet (in a language they will understand!).

Here are a few ways you can show love to your dog:

  1. Ear Rub

    Your dog may naturally feel high with euphoria when you rub its ears. The spot that is right behind the ears is one of their nerve centers. When gently scratched, it can trigger impulses throughout the entire body thus releasing endorphin hormones.  Therefore, a gentle scratch may make your dog feel relieved.

  2. Have a daily playtime

    Dedicated playtime with your pup can seem like an added chore, especially after a long day at work, but your pup will love the time you can spend tossing a ball or toy with them. They will feel a great energy release afterwards, and benefits can be even greater if this playtime is part of a routine that happens at the same time every day!  

  3. Teach them new tricks

    Dogs are enthused by learning new things and learning new cues can build your dog's confidence. Don’t let your dog get complacent by only practicing the same old tricks. Whether or not your dog masters the trick, the training itself is meaningful for you and your dog when you spend quality time learning new tricks and games.

  4. Have warm and hearty conversations

    This may seem a little strange but it’s a great way to bond with your dog. They may not understand exactly what you’re saying but they will pick up on your tone and affection. In fact, reading aloud is used as an enrichment activity for many shelter pets.

  5. Take time to cuddle

    Always take time to cuddle with your dog, which should be easy! Daily cuddles show your pup you love them and make you both feel good! Every dog is different, so make sure to pay attention to what kind of affection your dog responds the best to!

Dogs for centuries have been known to give unconditional love to humans so we want to provide you with ways in which you can show affection to your pet (in a language they will understand!).

  1. Surprise your dog with a treat

    One of the easiest ways to show your dog love is by providing them with a treat every once in a while. Your pup will love the surprise and you will love that look on their face when they know they’re getting something special. Remember that even though your dog loves them, treats should account for no more than 10% of your dogs’ daily calories.

  2. Hang out together

    Dogs have been our friends for centuries. They love hanging out with us around the house or even running errands with us. You will love the company and it will be a great bonding moment for you both!

  3. Learn how to treat your pup with respect

    Understand the inherent traits of your dog. Through learning more about dog behavior from reputable sources, you can understand your dog better and learn how they like to be treated. This is an effective way to show love. It will create a common understanding between both your dog and yourself.

  4. Schedule a puppy party or playdate

    If your dog enjoys other dogs, host a puppy party and invite other friends that are all familiar with each other and well socialized. Your puppy will feel thrilled by having a playdate that is filled with activities and treats.

  5. Make eye contact

    If your dog like to seek out eye contact with you, make an effort to make eye contact with your pup when you talk to them or give them a cue. It can strengthen the bond you share and help develop trust between you.

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