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Is that chicken bone or chicken thigh bone supposed to be in the can of Merrick dog food?

Yes. If you are serving our Merrick Wingaling, Smothered Comfort or Backcountry Hearty Chicken Thigh Stew recipe to your dog, you selected one of our popular bone-in recipes. Our team in Hereford, Texas, has been hand-stuffing whole chicken wings and thighs in our popular bone-in recipes for dogs for over 15 years. We use a special cooking process that makes the bone mushy and safe for your dog to enjoy; the food is pressure cooked inside the can and this process is what softens the bones. Our slow-cooked whole chicken wings and thighs offer marinated tender chicken cooked on a softened bone.The bones also provide the full flavor that dogs love! As with any new recipe, we recommend that you monitor your dog when they try a new food. Feel free to serve whole, remove, or break apart the soft chicken bones for ease of pet consumption. If you have any other questions or if you would like us to make recommendations for other recipes that do not contain bones, please don't hesitate to contact us at 800-664-7387 or www.MerrickPetCare.com/online-support-form/.