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    What dog food is right for my adult dog?

    Merrick offers adult dog food options that can give your dog the flavors they want and the nutrients they need. Merrick has an expansive line of wet dog food for your dog’s everyday diet that come in a variety of textures and flavors while also adding moisture to their food.

    Our dry dog food recipes offer convenience to dog parents without compromising on nutrition and flavor. The crunchy texture of the food is satisfying for dogs and helps clean their teeth. Find your dog’s favorite dry recipe from our wide variety of choices.

    Grain Free, Backcountry, Healthy Grains, Limited Ingredient Diet, and Lil’ Plates recipes all offer a variety of flavors in both dry and wet form, so you can easily find your dog’s favorite. Merrick offers your dog balanced nutrition with all of our adult dog food recipes.