Backcountry Dog Food

The Protein-Rich Ancestral Diet

Your Dog Would Discover in the Wild.

Dogs crave a protein-rich diet the way nature intended. Merrick Backcountry offers a wide array of exotic protein options for an ancestral dog food diet that delivers a unique combination of freeze-dried raw-coated kibble with real freeze-dried raw pieces of meat, fish, or poultry. In both grain free and with healthy grains dog food options, our balanced lineup provides the nutritional benefits of a raw diet all in a convenient recipe that your dog will go wild for.

Backcountry offers recipes for maintenance, all life stages and all breed sizes.

Freeze-Dried Raw-Coated Kibble Freeze-Dried Raw-Coated Kibble
Freeze-Dried Raw Freeze-Dried Raw

Grain Free

Crafted with fiber-rich sweet potatoes, which are a high-quality source of carbohydrates for healthy levels of energy.

Healthy Grains

Our recipes with healthy grains feature a wholesome lineup of brown rice, oatmeal, and barley to help support healthy digestion.


Freeze-dried raw-coated kibble + real whole pieces of freeze-dried raw meat

Safely processed freeze-dried raw meat for a convenient, nutritious, and protein-rich diet the way nature intended.

#1 Ingredient: Deboned Meat, Fish or Poultry

Leading levels of high quality proteins for healthy energy levels, easier digestibility and a great taste your dog will love.

Grain Free and With Grain Recipe Options

High protein levels and fibrous whole grain recipes serve to support healthy digestion no matter which Backcountry dog food recipe you feed.  Our recipes with healthy grains are made with no peas and no lentils.

Guaranteed levels of omega-3
and 6 fatty acids

Supports healthy skin and coat with leading levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and glucosamine and chondroitin to help maintain healthy hip and joint function.


#1 ingredient: deboned meat.
Leading levels of quality protein.


No corn or soy.


Healthy skin & shiny coat.
Leading levels of omega-3
and omega-6 fatty acids.


Bone and joint strength.
Leading levels of glucosamine
& chondroitin.


Convenient recipes featuring freeze-dried raw meat.

Backcountry Dry and Wet Dog Food Recipes

At Merrick, we promise your pet will not only love the taste of our food, they’ll be happier and healthier, too. That’s why if you (or your pet) are not 100%, absolutely, totally, completely satisfied with Merrick, return it for your money back. We don’t just make the best food ever. We stand behind it.