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Each Merrick recipe is specifically formulated to provide your pet with the best, most nutritious food they can get.

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    Merrick has crafted a variety of wet and dry cat foods that are excellent options for your adult cat’s everyday feeding. Dry cat food recipes are great for cats that like to graze throughout the day. The crunchy kibble also helps clean teeth when chewing. Merrick also has multiple types of wet food that provide great meal options for your cat. Pates are an excellent wet cat food choice as they have a smooth texture making it easy for your cat to devour. Merrick also offers Purrfect Bistro Soirees that are crafted with tender morsels in a delicate sauce to give your cat a fine dining experience. Merrick Backcountry recipes offer meaty morsels in gravy that are in convenient, single-serving pouches. Merrick’s Purrfect Bistro, Limited Ingredient Diet, and Backcountry options are all crafted with high quality protein in every bite. Browse all of our adult cat food recipes and find the best cat food for your adult cat.