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    What dog foods does Merrick offer?

    Merrick has crafted a wide variety of food options that cater to the different needs of dogs. All recipes are crafted with high quality protein to support your dog’s nutrition. Try our Backcountry line to give your dog a taste of the wild side with wet and dry recipes crafted with tasty protein sources. Merrick also offers wet and dry recipes that come grain free or with healthy grains. For smaller breed dogs, Lil’ Plates offers tasty dry recipes with smaller kibble as well as wet recipes provided in smaller portions. For dogs who prefer food with a single source animal protein, Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet provides excellent wet and dry options. Discover a wide variety of textures and flavors with all of the wet recipe options. Merrick offers different dog treats for training, rewarding, and dental support that are available in a variety of flavors for your dog to enjoy. Browse our dog food options to find the right choices for you dog.